Square dancing is loosing dancers and callers as the population ages. It is apparent that older people, both callers and dancers, are having a difficult time recruiting younger people. Square dancing will only live on if a way can be found to interest a new generation of dancers.

The Internet is a central part of US culture in 2008. People are apparently happy to entertain themselves at home. This may be because they have children and don't have money to spare, or it may be that they have a crowded schedule and lack flexibility with their time.

This document is intended to become an on-line course that teaches the subset of plus-level square dance calls that can be done by two couples.

An on-line course has the following attributes:

              It saves money.

                -    A living room is the hall.
                -    There are no caller expenses.
                -    No baby-sitting is required.
                -    There are no travel expenses.

              It can be scheduled during any free time.

              It is social because two couples are required.

Last updated September 12, 2008

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